Lore Opposum

Good copy is good design, but until you’ve found the perfect copy, sometimes you need placeholder text to help you visualize the layout. Lorem ipsum gives you that. This is Lore Opossum (the autocorrected version of lorem ipsum), a content-first placeholder text generator with many flavors and a focus on ease of use.

The State of Lorem Ipsum Generators

There are a lot of entertaining lorem ipsum generators out there, but they all seem to have some questionable unspoken rules. Before you get content, you must

Sometimes there are other options up front like if I want <p> tags included. I don’t know about you, but the first thing I really want to see is some goofy placeholder text that I can copy. I can tweak things later if needed.

There are other annoyances with these generators: tiny font sizes, ads, no easy way to copy to your clipboard, and mobile-unfriendly layouts. Some of these generators have an… inappropriate number of features: browser extensions, jQuery plugins, Wordpress plugins, APIs, and mobile apps, to name a few. There is a pleasant Rube Goldberg quality to these features, but I find them wildly overwrought for the most part.

Enter Lore Opposum

So I made my own generator. I’m aware that this is just another generator in the sea of generators. That’s okay. It’ll be the one I use at least. It solves many of the problems I find with other generators. It…

If you are curious about the code, the whole thing is on Github. Enjoy!